Friday, October 17, 2008

Week 3: How do graphic novels and zines depict a kind of reality?

Graphic novels and zines are an extension of reality really. If you look back to my post on Week 2 you'll see how I discuss music being a way of expressing opinions and ideas to people who may not be prone to watching the news or reading the paper. Graphic Novels and Zines can put an everyday situation into our brains through animation and word bubbles. One graphic novel I just got through reading (a second time) was Alex by Mark Kalesniko. Now Alex is about a man named.... well.... Alex who has recently come to his hometown after being in L.A. for a while. It's about his struggles with his passion, old friends, and high school memories. You're probably waiting for me to tell you about how Alex discovers his ability to shoot magic missiles or photon rays or something cool right? Nope. It's just a story about a man who had a disappointing job, drinks every night, and watches Gilligan's Island. But in it's own way it was able to teach me a lesson that I may not have been able to experience unless I went through this same ordeal myself. Sometimes being successful doesn't make you happy. The story followed an average person which is almost the purest sense of depicting reality. And I don't mean real life like soap opera real life where everyone has love triangles, kills someone, and finds everlasting love. Real like he goes to buy some booze and see's one of his old teachers. Now this is just one example of the topic, but there are many more out there as well. It's up to you though to find that reality.


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